Energy Performance Certificates

As part of general EU policy on global warming, the Government introduced Energy Performance Certificates ( EPC's ) for housing. This gave Buyers, & indeed Sellers, a straightforward method of indicating how energy efficient that property was likely to be. Very similar to the A to G ratings you get on fridges etc.

The EPC is produced after a short site survey & provides independent guidance on the efficiency of the insulation and energy systems currently being used. It indicates typical "running costs" and gives information on the environmental effects with regard to CO2 emissions.

More importantly, the EPC also suggest ways to improve efficiency and therefore cut the homeowner's costs. Some of these, such as installing low energy lights or loft insulation, pay for themselves fairly quickly. Other improvements such as boiler replacement or double glazing, may only be suitable when replacing existing units, and the EPC will show the potential gains to be made.

The Government has now cancelled the HIP, however, whilst there was disagreement over the introduction of the HIP, almost all parties agree that the EPC itself is an essential document and therefore welcome its inclusion.

Buying a home is usually the most expensive purchase we make during our lives. And yet, we usually don't bother to ask what the typical running costs are! The EPC solves that.

The EPC is now valid for ten years and must be commissioned prior to marketing; it must be available for buyers to inspect before completion.

As a guide we charge £60 for an average 3 bedroom property. Please feel free to call, text or email with the address of the property and we will confirm the price and let you know our next available appointment.

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